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What is Monthly Mix? Playlists of the latest music from each month, with a new playlist going up on the 1st(ish) of each month

What music will be featured? Anything released from the last month, either tracks from albums or individual tracks. Genre wise anything goes. Realistically it will just be the same indie or underground assortment you find on the internet.

How can I keep up with new posts? Keep coming back to this site or subscribe to our newsletter.

I make music/I think you should feature someone. Can I send it to you? Feel free to send me an email or tweet me with a link to the track on Soundcloud. I promise to listen to every track sent in. Like a shitty John Peel.

What should I do if I have problems with the site? Contact me. This is still fairly new, so expect jank.

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Monthly Mix is a project by @SamMorrisDesign.